Contributing to young peoples’ personal development within a vibrant music community

Creative Hub

This session is currently free of charge which means it is truly accessible to all. We currently have participants stretching from Shannon to Ballyvaughan. Teenagers from all backgrounds come together to create music and appreciate the process and skills involved. Through song writing, music technology and recording the Creative sessions enable young people to explore alternative ways of communicating and encourages ideas that are personal and inventive. This promotes capability and adaptability. Creative artistic expression is valued and self-esteem is enhanced through spontaneity of projects and risk taking. These experiences help the participant to make sense of the world; to question; to speculate and to find solutions; to deal with feelings and respond to them.

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National School Music Enrichment Programme

From September 2018 Music Generation Clare are offering a 25 week Music Enrichment Programme. The aim of this programme is to compliment, but not replace, the national school music curriculum through active music making in the classroom. The artists in residence will help to enrich the musicianship of the school.

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Secondary School Artist-in-Residence Programme

This workshop is suitable for all students with or without musical backgrounds. Running at 1 hour weekly for 10 weeks. This inclusive, collaborative workshop features music composition and performance; encouraging interpersonal activities where social skills are developed through the sharing of ideas, skills and instruments.

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Youthreach –
Finding Your Voice

This on-going weekly workshop occurs with the Learners in Youthreach throughout County Clare.  The basis of the workshop is to provide young people with an understanding of how a song is composed, both lyrically and musically. Essentially, the workshop explores the importance and craft of song-writing, and the benefits of engaging with music in a positive, supportive environment.

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Instrumental Tuition Hubs

(Ennis, Ennistymon, Kilkee, Killaloe and Shannon)

In October 2017 Music Generation Clare established the Ennis Instrumental Hub using the following parameters:

  • Instruments taught are Concertina, Guitar, Violin and Percussion.
  • These classes are in a group format with 4 learners per tutor
  • 30 minute sessions

These hubs are expanding to Ennistymon, Kilkee, Killaloe and Shannon in 2018/2019.

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Burren Children’s Choir

The Burren Children’s Choir operates in partnership with Music Generation Clare. It brings together over sixty enthusiastic young singers from twelve schools all over North Clare. They meet weekly to sing a variety of amazing songs which they perform locally in collaboration with other music groups and take part in local and national cultural events.

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We had been looking for some time for a way to get involved in an initiative in music education in Ireland. After talking to various people in Ireland about what to do, we came to the conclusion that the Music Network scheme is really well thought out and that we, in partnership with the Ireland Funds, should just get behind it

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